Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preparing to VLOG!

Good Day! I have been trying to get my head defragmented so that I can begin doing my daily devotionals. I told myself several weeks ago that I wanted to begin discussing publicly some of the things that go on in my head. I have a lot of conversations with people and often I need a place to put my thoughts so that I can truly discuss my ideas more thoroughly.
I believe that God has a wonderful way of putting the right people in the right places, and I truly believe that he has a goal for me to be outspoken and passionate about my beliefs.
I have made a simple/random video basically just preparing myself more so for the vlogs to come. 


 I am nervous to begin this vlog series, at the same time I am very excited to grow in the body of Christ. I know that I will inevitably become more comfortable and confident with myself. Also I will be able to better my editing skills and knowledge of simple production techniques. Thanks for any support and God Bless! I'm going to get to work))

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