Wednesday, March 28, 2012

February 13th: Sighs That Speak Of Sympathy And Power

I made this video several weeks back, sometimes it takes a bit of time to get back on the horse!
LoL that reference always makes me think of Zoolander :p hehe ty for anyone that understands.
We all deal with a lot. I have no doubt that I am not alone in my pain... in my frustration and confusion with this chaotic thing we call "life"! I find myself becoming more mature and wiser with passing days, but many times I still fail to do what I see is possible. I was lucky to have a strong family support system in the ways that were needed most growing up. Because of this, I find myself learning a lot from everybody I come into contact with, trying to find the positives where others see only negatives.
Most of the time when I am experiencing pain or sorrows in life, I find myself realizing quite vividly that countless others have been through similar feelings if not worse.. sometimes this snaps me out of it.. and other times it makes it worse, my heart sometimes aches for anyone who deals with such pain...

All in all, I realize with logic that I am lucky to have FEELINGS! That God of course wants me to be HAPPY!
When experiencing pain or sorrows never blame God! Instead ask for help, strength! Thank him for the good in your life because there IS good in your life. If you really think there is nothing good, than you are not being the change in which you wish to see! Be it and you will see it! (**ty Dad)
Reach out for help, reach out for God, Please, I feel for those who feel alone...:'(
I wanna see smiles on all my brothers and sisters))
anyways here's a vid, I appreciate your support)

True Love: 365 ~Feb 13th~ Sighs That Speak Of Sympathy And Power

Thank you Thank you, when times are tough, Lord Thank you.))
!~God has a Passion for those who have Passion for God~!
and even if you've been ignoring him, he still will make his appearances :p

A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.
Proverbs 18:2 

-God Bless