Thursday, February 9, 2012

This video says a lot..

So there's this song that I really hits me every time I hear it on the radio right now, I'd thought I would share:

We all desire God's love. 
Some people think they can find fulfillment in other worldly forms. 
They are lost and confused.
Seek Him and you will find Him.

I am far far from a perfect Christian, but I desire to be close to God. I make wrong decisions daily, but rather than continue contently, I try to better myself at every turn. Sometimes I make the same mistake over and over and over even though I know it is a mistake.. This is when the Sin has taken over and repentance is the only cure for my heart. I have to give up myself to God and allow him turn my mistakes into gold so that I may earn great value through my trials. Do not allow your trials to turn to dust! Invest them with the Lord!!!

-God BLESS! 

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